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Sam Eastmond: Emet .​.​. Ahava

from RANU 1 by Steve Gisby



The story Sam sent me...

I thought long and hard over my choice of words for dear friend and composer Steve Gisby’s new work. The chance to participate in anything new is always exciting and deserves the utmost care and thought. I felt I needed to pluck words out which not only dance across the sonic landscape weaving pretty trails but also which spoke to my values and my approach to art.

Emet - the Hebrew word for truth, honesty is the cornerstone of everything I love and value in art. From the highest expressions to pulpy noir-esque events, all that I hold dear is created with honesty. I eschew sneering, smug and superior ‘irony’ in my work. What I search for is sincerity and honesty, deep and conceptual admiration from the gutters to the stars.

Emet is also the word etched into the forehead of the Golem, life sparked into clay, it is only the removal of the first alef transmigrating truth into Met, (the Hebrew word for death) which stops the clay monster in its tracks.

Adding in this extra layer of story added depth and meaning to my choice as well. Knowing that during the sonic contortion of Steve’s piece that this change might organically occur, was both a small anarchists joke, and an attempt at profundity.

Ahava is the Hebrew word for love. Love is an essential element of music to me. Love for the work, love for the other musicians. I am able to create my work only through the community I have created, the love and trust I have for them and they have for me. Indeed, I toyed with ‘Mishpokh’ as my second choice, but the combination of Truth and Love felt irresistible.

In these choices for Steve’s work, I wrestled with my choices with the same seriousness and conceptual approach as I would for my own. I picked words which have meaning to me, which are the cornerstones of the world I inhabit, the foundations of my attempt to build an Atlantis in which my community and I can create.

- Sam Eastmond.



from RANU 1, released July 9, 2021
Performed by Sam Eastmond.
Composed and produced by Steve Gisby.
Artwork by Steve Gisby.




Steve Gisby Brighton, UK

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